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Cleaning Recommendations

KEDRA stands out for its superior properties. It does not absorb residues or food stains, ensuring good hygienic, and it is resistant to most chemicals. Even so, we recommend that you follow this guide, developed in collaboration with FABER, with cleaning tips for specific situations.

The benefits of handling and cutting Kedra

Easy to transport

Thanks to its high resistance, big savings can be made on packaging, in addition to unloading times since it is easy to transport​.

No special support equipment is needed to handle it.

No special system is needed to unload or handle it.

Product classification

Under Regulation (EC) no. 1272, this product is not classified as dangerous. It is inert. Its normal use does not represent any danger to people’s health.

No build-up of mechanical stresses

Once the slab has been cleaned and aligned vertically and horizontally, it can be cut directly, making maximum use of the whole slab.

Full body​

The same colour on the surface and throughout. This means that it has the same pattern when cut and seen in cross section.​

Three times quicker to cut​

Products from the Kedra range can be cut and fitted in one third less time than other products.

Maximum precision

Thanks to its resistance and reliability, KEDRA can be cut quicker and with greater precision.

Can be dry-cut and polished​

Because these are porcelain slabs, they can be dry-cut and polished, with no risk of them breaking or splintering.

Cutting & polishing

The operations of cutting, machining and polishing must be do using water-cooled equipment due to its crystalline silica content. During the dry cutting or polishing, use a mask because crystalline silica particles might be released.